Mobile Phones in Rural Africa


Mobiles phones are transforming rural Africa. The network grows faster, 20.135 million (77% of the population!!!) in a 2015 estimate per The World Fact Book, based on the investment of private providers, but the electrical network does not. Fact In 2012 only 35.3% of sub-Saharan Africa had access to electricity, according to the World Bank. Question Can we design a simple and easy solution to charge your cellphone while creating a community amenity?

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Waste as Resource

Poorly managed solid waste has a negative effect on non-formal neighborhoods of Maputo and diminishes its energetic and revenue potential. Proposal Architecture as the catalyst for changing the perception of solid waste in Mozambique.

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School Desks in Mozambique


Question What’s the future for school desks in Mozambique? The demand is high and the supply slow. How to develop a fast replicated design school desk with a affordable cost?

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Reclaimed School Desks

1750 steel structures that need to be reclaimed Problem The wood tops of the desks are mechanical fastened to the steel structure and that creates the weakest point of the assembly. The fastener fails, maintenance is absent, tops and structures are discarded, and a kid goes back to seat on the floor.

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